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While we are busy chasing our dreams and ambitions, we are forgetting about something important- our health. It is only if we are hale and healthy that we can achieve everything we want in our life without any hassle but not most of us seem to pay much heed to this truth. Following a good diet, getting in some regular exercise, meditating, not stressing out are just some of the ways to stay healthy. But just because you follow all the above mentioned steps doesn’t mean that you are immune to health ailments and diseases. It is possible to fall seriously ill despite following a healthy lifestyle.

Hence, it is very important to keep constant tabs on what’s happening inside your body and the best way to do that is through routine health check ups. There are health check up packages available at Prima Diagnostics that consists of tests and scans that determine the state of your health and detect any internal issues. These packages are designed based on various factors such as age and gender. In this article, we will be talking about male health check test package.  Learn everything there is to know about this before you book a package.

What is a general male test health package?

A general health check up package does a very basic assessment of your health. It consists of basic tests and scans such as blood test, lipid profile, ECG, etc. The tests vary from package to package but they are all meant for the same purpose- to give a basic assessment of how healthy you are. A male test package is meant only for men and is designed with certain gender specific tests. If you are someone who leads a healthy lifestyle and aren’t facing any major health concerns, it is good to get the package done once in a year. If you are facing other health issues, we suggest picking up this package and consulting a doctor regarding your other health issues for a clear picture on what’s wrong with your health.

What you need to know about this package:

Here are some basic things you need to know about the basic male health check up package:

  • These health check up packages are solely meant for men as some of the tests are only for the male gender.
  • Men of any age can opt for the package to assess the state of their health.
  • You do not need to consult a doctor to get this health check up the package as you can easily get them at diagnostic centers. Once you get the results you will have to consult a doctor who will help determine the state of your health.
  • These health check up packages are priced reasonably to ensure people from all classes have access to them.

Our packages

Given below is a list of health check up packages for men offered by Prima Diagnostics:

Packages Amount
Prima Master Health Checkup 2500
Prima Executive Health Checkup 3999
Prima Senior Citizen Health Package 4999
Prima Diabetic Health Package 4999

Prima Diagnostics offers a wide range of health check up packages in Bangalore through its three centers in Whitefield, Jayanagar, and Yelahanka. Not only are they comprehensively priced but they also offer quick results.


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