Clinical Pathology

Many are unaware of what Clinical pathology actually means and to understand that, it’s first important that you learn what exactly ‘Pathology’ means. Pathology is the medical field which deals with the causes and effects of diseases in the human body. This branch plays a very important role in supporting, supplementing and aiding the clinician to diagnose a patient. This is done by providing the best available investigative data.

Clinical Pathology basically does just that. It is done by providing accurately processed and reported laboratory investigative information to the patient and to the clinician. The information is in the form of blood tests, fluid analysis or cytology/biopsy reports which aid the clinician in arriving at an accurate diagnosis.  This will further enhance efficient treatment to the patient. In some cases, Clinical Pathology also aids in the prevention of certain diseases and enhances monitoring of better health conditions through laboratory services. It also deals with the maintenance of research, information system, and quality control.

The only time most of are made aware of or take the trouble of learning about different tests is either when we are instructed to get tested, But it is good to be informed otherwise too. Prevention is always better than cure! In this article, we will be looking into what exactly a clinical pathologist does and what different types of tests are covered under clinical pathology.

What does a clinical pathologist do?

Every Digital imaging center or any hospital that offers certified diagnostic services has clinical pathologists working for them. A clinical pathologist’s main job is to analyse various body fluid specimens such as blood, urine, and more through a microscope or other diagnostic devices/tools. They observe the levels of certain elements or chemicals in the said body fluid specimen. The result of

the analysis will help understand if there is something wrong and helps further treat it. They basically study and examine at a cellular level and provide the best possible results and diagnosis.

At Prima Diagnostics, we hire the best Clinical Pathologists in the field. This will ensure that you get the most accurate diagnosis when you come to us for tests.

What are the tests covered under Clinical Pathology?

Listed below are some of the most common Clinical Pathology tests that you might want to know about:-

  • Haematology tests–  Hematology tests basically deal with the assessment of blood disorders. This plays an important role in the diagnosis of blood cancers, anaemias which make one tired. It also plays a role in monitoring platelet counts during Dengue outbreaks. These are few different types of blood tests that fall under this category but the procedure for all the tests is pretty similar. A sample of the patient’s blood will be taken for assessment and the quantity of the blood taken depends on the type of test.
  • Urine Analysis–  Urine analysis is impertinent when it comes to evaluating whether a kidney is functioning properly. Under this test, the patient’s urine is the specimen that will be studied. It will be analysed through a microscope for the presence of certain chemicals, diseases, and more. This is of particular help in determining the presence of any Urinary tract infections and so on.
  • Semen Analysis – A Clinical Pathologist plays a very important role in screening and diagnosing semen samples for any abnormality.
  • Immunology testing– An immunology test is done for various reasons including to check for hormones, allergies, certain types of cancer, and other health issues. They can also be done as a part of a routine test to ascertain the strength of one’s immune system.
  • Body fluid Analysis – A wide range of fluids are processed and studied at a cellular level to help identify the possible etiology.
  • Cytology – Involves the study of cells through various means like fluids and PAP smear screening for women. Needle aspiration cytology study of certain swellings provides the clinician with a provisional diagnosis. This ensures that treatment or surgery is planned in better concordance.

There are many more tests that fall under Clinical Pathology but the above-mentioned ones are the most common ones that a non-medical professional would be aware of.  Prima Diagnostics offers Clinical Pathology tests through all its three branches in Bangalore.

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