Diagnostic Imaging Test

At Prima, we offer a wide range of diagnostic services. When we established our first branch, our main aim was to ensure that customers who come to our facility get every service that they would need under the same roof. But it wasn’t just the wide range of services that we were focusing on, we also had an aim to deliver the highest quality of services at our branch, regardless of how small or big the test/scan was. In order to ensure that we provided only the best of quality, we hired only the best professionals in the field and got state of the art equipment and devices in our facility.

But we wanted to extend our services beyond regular diagnostic tests and scans and we did the same through health-check up packages. Most of the patients/individuals who visit our Diagnostic Imaging test center come for tests and scans prescribed by the doctor. In such cases, usually the individual would have been facing some issues with their health and upon the doctor’s advice they will get some tests done to ascertain the problem. But more often than not, it will be a little too late by the time the problem is diagnosed.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are always in the pink of health is by getting routine checks and tests done every once in six months and our health check-up packages help with that. We have designed a wide range of packages that are designed based on age, gender, lifestyle, and more. These packages include tests and scans that will determine the state of your health and enable you to take necessary actions or make the needed changes after discussing the result with concerned doctors. Here is all you need to know about our health check-up packages.

Health check-up packages at Prima Diagnostics!

Prima Diagnostics has a wide variety of packages that help determine the state of your health and all packages consist of different tests and scans. Let us take a look at the packages:

  • Prima Master health checkup – This is our most basic health check-up package that anyone can avail. It includes tests such as blood test, chest x-ray, haemogram, and more.
  • Prima Executive health checkup for male and female – This package is for adults who lead a hectic lifestyle and helps detect ailments that are a result of the same lifestyle. There are male and female packages with separate tests.
  • Prima Senior citizen health checkup male and female – This package consists of tests that are aimed to detect ailments and conditions that are a result of old age. Again, there are two packages, one for female and the other for male patients.
  • Prima heart failure checkup – This package specifically helps detect and analyse the state of one’s heart and any heart conditions. This is perfect for people who might be susceptible to heart ailments.


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