Digital Imaging Centre

When it comes to healthcare, Bangalore is one of the top cities that doesn’t fall behind. People from different cities and countries land here to get treated. But not only does Bangalore not have a dearth of hospitals, the same is applicable for digital imaging center. Popularly known as diagnostic centers, this special healthcare unit is where one would typically go for scans and tests to assess the state of their health. There are only a handful hospitals that have an in-house diagnostic center, if you are looking for extensive tests and scans, you’ll usually have to go to an individual diagnostic center that specialises in these tests.

Like we already mentioned, there are plenty of diagnostic centers but finding the right one can be a task. Health is something none of us want to compromise on and the same way, it’s important that we don’t compromise on diagnosis. It is impertinent to find a good center for your test and scans as one wrong diagnosis can lead to serious repercussions. There are several factors that contribute to a trustworthy diagnostic center and Prima is one of the few diagnostic centers in the city that holds up to the standards. With three branches spread all over the city, Prima is soon to become on the best place for quality diagnostic centers. But it’s taken a lot for us to get here. Want to know what makes us so special or why we are the best? Read on to know all about it!

What makes Prima the best in the field!

Like we already mentioned, there are several factors that contribute to Prima offering the best diagnostic service in the industry. Listed below are few of the top reasons:

  • Wide range of services- Prima is a one stop shop for all kinds of diagnostic services. From a basic blood test to a Bone Mineral Densitometry scan, we offer all kinds of scans and tests at our centers. Regardless of what test or scan it is, you can trust Prima to offer you quality service for the same. We also take great care in ensuring that we use the latest hi-tech equipment and methods  for all our scans and tests so that you get the best results.
  • Health check-up packages- We go a step further by offering a wide range of health check-up packages which are segregated by age, gender, and targeted health problems. Our health check-up packages are priced comprehensively to ensure everyone can afford it.
  • Professional service- At Prima, we only employ the best in the field. Be it the technicians or the radiologists or even the reception staff, they are highly skilled, knowledgeable, well trained, and come with years of experience in the field.
  • Easy access- Initially we started off with a single unit in Jayanagar but over the last few years we have extended our service to other parts of the city through our branches in Yelahanka and Whitefield. Now people from all over the city can have access to quality diagnostic services through our centers.



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