Health Check Up Packages in Bangalore

The only reason people would opt for a health check-up package before is if they really had to, i.e if their doctor asked them to do it. But that is not the case anymore, people are becoming more and more aware of their health and taking care of themselves much better but it has also become impertinent that they do it considering the consequences of their hectic lifestyle on their health. Pretty much all the diagnostic consultants in Bangalore offer a health check-up packages including Prima.

Like we already mentioned, people are being proactive nowadays and get a routine test done every once in few months to determine their state of health. If you’ve never done it, you might have a few questions about it. For instance, you might have questions about which package to opt for, what are the differences between the packages available, how to prepare for a health check-up, what are the consequences, and the cost of the packages. In this article, we will discuss all these doubts and even look into the generic packages you can opt for routine check-ups.

Health check-up packages in Bangalore- Your questions answered!

  • What are these packages?

Health check up packages are pre-designed packages that consist of tests that will help determine the state of your health. The tests are selected based on the type of package and the purpose of each package is different from the other.

  • Where to get it done?

You can find this health check-up packages in Diagnostic centers and hospitals that offer in-house diagnostic services. Prima Diagnostic offers a wide range of health check-up packages.

  • What are the different packages available?

There are various types of packages available in the market. While some are designed for specific age and gender, others are designed to detect issues with a particular organ or a part of one’s body. There are generic packages that offer a full assessment of your health.

  • Prima Executive (Male)
  • Prima Executive (Female)
  • Prima Senior citizen (Mal
  • Prima Senior citizen (Female)
  • Prima Health Failure Check

  • How to prepare for a test?

There is no special test required for this health check up packages unless suggested so. Usually, it’s better to not wear heavy clothing with too many details or jewellery. You will be given a robe at the center to change into during your tests. Some tests will require you to be on an empty stomach. Check with the staff at the center before you go in for the test.

  • What are the consequences if any?

Almost all of these tests do not have any consequences or side effects. The only side effects even if there are any are very mild such as a slight headache, tiredness, and at times, nausea if you are already sick.

The cost of the packages depends on the package. Usually, a generic package costs about 2k-3k while a specialised one can go up to 6k. At Prima, we ensure to offer the best of services at an affordable rate.


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