Mammography Exam

When it comes to health, we don’t really pay much attention until things go south which is quite unfortunate as good health is most essential for a good life. Both men and women are falling sick more often of lately as a result of hectic lifestyle, bad diet, stress, and lack of physical activities. Women especially are more at risk when it comes to certain ailments such as heart attack and other stress related health complications. In this article, we will be talking about Mammography, something every woman would’ve heard of regardless of whether they know what it’s all about or not.

Whether you are a man or a woman, mammography is an examination you might need to get if prescribed by your doctor even though it’s more common for women. You might have already guessed from the name of the test that it has something to do with mammary glands or breasts. A mammography is a digital examination of the breast and  surrounding breast tissue and is quite a harmless simple examination. Let’s learn more about the test, how it’s done, and why it’s needed, and what might be the results in this article. Read on to know about it.

What is a mammography exam?

A Mammography exam is basically a procedure which uses x-ray vision to take a picture of your mammary glands a.k.a, the breast tissue. It is usually used to diagnose breast cancer and tumors or abnormalities in the breast. Though women are known to get mammography exams more, men can also be susceptible to breast cancer and might need to get the test done.

Who needs it?

Usually mammography exam is recommended for women who are above the age of 40 to ensure that there is no sign of cancer in the breast. But regardless of your age if you are showing symptoms of breast cancer, the doctor will suggest you get the test done. People as young as 25 can get breast cancer and hence, it’s important to get the test done if your doctor prescribes it.

What’s the procedure? Should I be scared?

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to mammography as the examination is quite harmless. There is no special prep that you need to go through for the exam except avoiding lotions, deodorants, perfumes, ointments, and creams around your breast and underarm area. It’s also helpful if you wear comfortable clothing, not wear any jewellery, and keep a calm mind during the whole procedure. If you are nervous, bring a loved one along to wait for you while you are getting the test done. Each of your breasts is fit into an x-ray plate and a compressor is used to apply slight pressure on your breast to flatten out the tissue which helps take a clear picture of your breast. The most you will feel during the examination is a slight discomfort and that’s about it. Once you are done with the examination, you’ll be given the reports which can be taken to your consulting doctor for further analysis.

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