Ultrasonography Test in Bangalore

Movies and books have made it so that any time we hear the word ‘Ultrasound’ or ‘Ultrasonography‘our mind immediately connects it with pregnancy or a pregnant woman. Most people believe that the sole purpose of an ultrasound is to detect pregnancy or check upon the pregnancy and the baby inside the mother during pregnancy. But that’s so far from the truth. Ultrasonography has more uses than just detecting pregnancy. It is a diagnostic test that uses sound waves to create a clear digital image of one’s internal organs.

It is used in so many cases such as detecting health issues, detect blocks in blood vessels, monitor the baby in the womb, etc., This is a very safe diagnostic procedure and can take images certain parts of the body including reproductive organs, liver, kidney, heart, and other soft tissue organs. It however cannot take images of bones as the density of bones is much too high for an ultrasound technique. Ultrasonography is usually done in Diagnostic consultants or in well established high end hospitals. In this article, we will study all about ultrasonography and you will know everything you need to know by the end of it.

What happens during ultrasonography?
An ultrasonography is a fairly harmless procedure that causes no harm or side effect whatsoever. When you go in for an ultrasonography, a remote like device called the transducer is placed over a part of your body where the image needs to be taken. Sound waves are sent through the transducer into your body and the waves are either absorbed or bounce back to crystals into the head of the inducer. This gives a digital image which is white, grey, and black in colour. Parts that are hollow and filled with fluid make up for the black part of the image while areas that are filled with tissue and can be penetrated produce a grey image. The white part of the image is formed when the waves come in contact with hard structures such as bones.

The only discomfort you might feel during the procedure is the feel of the cool gel on your skin, if you can even call that a discomfort that is. The whole procedure takes about 10-20 minutes and has no side effects.

How does ultrasound work in pregnancy?
The above mentioned technique is the same one used while taking an ultrasound image of the baby inside the womb. The image helps determine the gender of the baby, monitor its health and surroundings inside the womb. The bones and tissues of the baby make up for the white part of the image while the amniotic fluid inside the womb will appear black thus enhancing the picture. Ultrasound is also used to measure the pregnant woman’s cervix and ovaries.

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