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We are all aware of the famous saying ‘Health is Wealth‘. But how many of us actually believe that? Even if we do believe it, we tend to forget about it. Most of us do not pay any heed to the state of our health until something happens. And more often than not, it’s too late to do anything about it. Hence, it is very important to get routine checks to assess the state of our health and detect any ailments, conditions or diseases. One of the most common and dangerous killers out there is cancer. Most people find out about cancer in their system when it’s too late to treat it. It is important to get yourself checked often to detect it and treat it early.

One of the most common types of cancer that affect women is >breast cancer. Keep in mind that men can be victims of it too, but it sure affects women more. In this article, we will be talking about a scan or test, whatever you might call it, that will help detect breast cancer. This simple test/scan is available at all the major diagnostic consultants in the city including Prima Diagnostics. Let us delve into this and learn all there is to learn about Mammography.

What is Mammography?

Mammography is a scan that is used to detect breast cancer in people of all ages. A very common misconception that people have about breast cancer is that only people of a certain age can get affected by it. That’s so far from the truth, people in their 20’s can have breast cancer too and the earlier it is detected, the easier it is to detect. The test uses the x-ray technique to detect the presence of cancer in your breast area. It is usually suggested to people who might show symptoms of cancer such as irregular lumps in the chest and armpit area, change in colour of the nipples, discharge from the nipple that might contain blood, rash around the nipples, and more. Regardless of whether you suspect you might have cancer, it is important that you undergo the exam at least once a year.

What happens during the test?

Like we already mentioned, most of the diagnostic consultants out there offer Mammogram or mammography tests. The test itself is very simple and takes only a couple of minutes. You do not have to designate a separate day to get the test done, you can just extend your lunch hour and go for it. An x-ray of your breast area is taken during the test and these will be turned into digital images for the doctor to examine them. The test is not at all painful in any way.

What happens after the test?

Once the test is done and you get the results, it’s important to get it examined by the doctor. Even if the results do come out positive, there is no need to worry. Breast cancer is treatable even though it can be tough. With the right care, treatment, and willpower, you will recover.

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